Besan Ladoo

These are, I’m told, a staple sweet during many festivities and celebrations in India. I don’t know of any similar dessert to compare these with; they’re certainly unlike anything in most American menus. They are a bit dry and are something of an acquired taste. (That said, my toddler would happily gobble them up by the plateful if I let her.)

1-1/2 cups + 4 Tbsp besan (chickpea) flour (can be found at Indian groceries and at some large chain grocery stores)
1/2 cup Ghee
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp ground cardamom (or equal parts ground coriander, ground nutmeg, and ground cinnamon)
4-5 tbsp almonds, finely chopped
1 tbsp raisins

Melt the ghee and add the raisins. Keep at low heat Рjust melted. Roast the flour until fragrant, but not browned or burnt. Add ghee/raisins and stir until well combined. Turn into a bowl and allow to cool down; it should still be warm, but not hot. Add sugar, spices and almonds and combine. Roll into small balls and allow to cool completely.